The Oeste, abbey territory

The monastery of Alcobaça (municipality of Alcobaça, district of Leiria, central region of Portugal) is one of the most complete and best preserved architectural complexes built by the Cistercian order.


Discover the territory of the ancient Coutos de Alcobaça that the Cistercian monks administered for several centuries. They left their mark on this vast region with a strong agricultural vocation. The abundance and quality of fruit and the variety of vegetables are proof of this. Here you will find an amazing built and natural heritage, which evokes the presence of the Cistercians, the universal love story of D. Pedro and Dona Inês de Castro and the pilgrimage routes to Fatima and Santiago de Compostela…

The Monastery of Alcobaça

  • Royal abbey, founded in the 12th century by the first king of Portugal and one of Clairvaux’s favourite daughters.

  • Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1989.

  • Today, it is a cultural centre of international importance, in the fields of scientific knowledge and music, where several annual events take place.

Walking in the old coutos

In the municipality of Alcobaça, there are several signposted paths through which you can discover the natural, cultural and architectural heritage, in places of rare beauty. Landscapes that exalt the nature and history of these lands trodden by the monks.

Places not to be missed

Starting from the monastery of Alcobaça, build your own itinerary and visit other places of interest that bear witness to the centuries-old presence of the Cistercian order throughout the country.

Some suggestions:

A gastronomic heritage

The landscape of Alcobaça, with its long stretches of orchards and vineyards, is an impressive testimony to the cultural heritage of the Cistercian monks who, for almost eight centuries, developed it through their refined knowledge of agricultural practices and water resource management. In addition to fruit growing, whose queen is the Alcobaça apple (PGI – Protected Geographical Indication), the conventual sweets also represent a strong gastronomic brand of the region. Alcobaça has always been a land of plenty and is also known for its wines (IPR – Protected Designation of Origin), olive oils and bread.

Alcobaça apple

Protected Geographical Indication

The culture of wine